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Would you like to receive offers that match your profile?

You are welcome to send us an initiative application at any time. Just send us a short message with your profile and your current focus.

We will get in touch with you!



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Initiativbewerbung Freiberufler,  Projekte Projektmanager, Projekte Interim, Projekte finden, SAP, Java, Inbetriebnnahme, Konstruktion, EPLAN, SPS, Beckhoff, UI5, ABAP
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Projekte Freelancer, JavaScript. Projekte Software Engineer, Projekte für Tester, Testmanagement, Projekte für Webentwicklung, Wordpress, Projekte Fullstackentwickler, Projekte Frontend, Projekte Backend

Take a look at the latest project offers of our customers and let us advise you.

Isaria-Account, .net Projekte, Projekte für Business Analysten, SAP Beratung, Scrum Master Projekte, agile Projekte, Projektangebote DevOps

Create your own Isaria user profile and benefit from exclusive content.

Projekte für Inbetriebnehmer, Inbetriebnehmerstellen, Logistik Projekte, Projekte für Anwendungstechniker, Eplan Projekte, Projekte E-Mobilität

We support you in all aspects of project acquisition, profile preparation and administrative activities.




The correct presentation of skills in your profile

is of crucial importance.
We are happy to support you with our tips and templates.



Projekte für technische Zeichner, Stellenangebote Baustellenleiter, Projekte Baumanagement, Mechaniker Stellen, Stellenangebote Mechatroniker, Projektanzeigen, Industriemachatronier Projekte

Every expert is unique and has individual career needs. That is why we at Isaria offer flexible and individual consulting. Through preliminary professional discussions, we can work out strengths and preferences and thus approach you exclusively with suitable project offers that match your qualifications.


You can adjust this independently at any time under your Isaria account or have us adjust it for you.

Even after your project has started, our work does not end. We continue to be a reliable partner and take care of the right framework conditions so that you can give 100% in the project.


At Isaria, we place great value on working in partnership with our project partners. We are convinced that your expertise and your satisfaction are crucial for the success of a project.


That's why we want to ensure that project partners have a say in how we do things. They have the opportunity to edit their own data and actively decide which requests they would like to receive from us. This allows us to better tailor projects to your current preferences and professional expertise.

Regular exchange of information about the latest trends, changes in legislation and helpful tips is a matter of course for us.

Cloud Projekte, IT-Infrastruktur Projekte, IT Security Projekte, Projekte für Administratoren, BSI Projekte, Projekte Cyber Security
IT Architekt Projekte, UI/UX Designer Projekte, Projekte für Appentwicklung

As an Expert, you have a lot on your plate - we understand that.


That's why we offer not only comprehensive advice but also a wide range of support services to make your life easier. 

An important part of these services is support with administrative tasks. With your personal account you have the possibility to manage your invoicing quickly and easily. You can view payment terms and transfers, so you always have an overview. 

In addition, we provide you with templates for invoice templates, CV's and timesheets so that you can create your documents quickly and easily.


For questions or problems,

your recruiter is always available as a contact person.

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