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We offer customized solutions to successfully complete your projects.

At Isaria, we value long-term partnerships with our cooperation partners. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to implement exciting projects together with you.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and opportunities for cooperation. We are always open to new challenges and look forward to working with you.

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Over 8000 recruitment consultants

in Germany.¹



We offer you individual solutions to successfully implement your projects.Take a look at our offers and find the right resources for your projects.

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In the area of contracting, we focus on finding individual experts or entire project teams (see team solution). Our sales specialists have been working in the industry for many years and know what is important. We conduct a detailed requirements analysis with you, can already give you rough estimates of the market situation, provide answers to legal questions and use our comprehensive pool of experts to provide you with the solution you need.

Choose from several candidate proposals and let your Isaria contact guide you through the process. From the search, to the assignment of the consultants, to the support during the entire project - we are at your side. Supported by our automated tools, we can offer you real added value for a fast, efficient and easier deployment of experts.


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With our team solutions, you can have entire teams of experts put together individually. The aim is to enable you to cover larger volumes quickly and easily and to call on more or fewer specialists as required without having to go through the process of individual contracting again and again.

  • Need at short notice to meet a deadline

  • Depending on the project phase, you need more or fewer resources and want to order them easily and at short notice

Together with our partner companies, you can flexibly consult the necessary expertise during stressful project phases. We take care of the selection of the partner companies for you. Based on many years of experience, there is a broad network with which we already maintain close cooperation and therefore have the necessary know-how to expand this qualitatively.

Master Vendor Management, Vendor Management, Systemische Betreuung, Freelancer Kooperation


With systemic support, you can expect a comprehensive consulting package that not only offers you individual or team solutions, but also consolidates and optimizes your entire supplier portfolio under a strategic alignment. By bundling your suppliers (also known as Managed Service Provider) you can achieve the following advantages:

  • Uniform contractual conditions of all suppliers 

  • Optimization of the supplier portfolio

  • Continuous improvement of procurement processes and supplier standards

  • Creation of analyses and reports for a transparent procurement process

  • Clear and simplified structures

All four founders at Isaria are experts in this type of support, who, through years of cooperation with major management consultancies, know who systemic support is for and how to implement it successfully.

We are among the best in sales and recruiting! 

We know the challenges of the industry and therefore place very high value on qualitative cooperation.  

Multichannel Sourcing: In order to present the best experts to our customers, we access various databases, networks and technologies. The selection and combination of the different channels enables a comprehensive benchmark of the best solution for your request. 

Quality over quantity: Within 48 hours, you can view a qualified selection of profiles tailored to your needs. We know that time is of the essence and we want to ensure that you can select the best candidates quickly and efficiently. 

Security: All our contracts have been reviewed by experienced lawyers and are tailored to the specific needs of our business model. So you can be sure that you are always on the legally safe side with us. 

Advice: At Isaria, we believe in a partnership based on trust. This also means providing a realistic assessment of your requirements. This gives you a decision-making basis for your further procurement process and saves you time and money!

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Consulting Beratung
Zusammenarbeit mit Isaria
individelle Beratung

For all questions

your account manager is always ready to guide you from start to finish.

Expertise für Beratunsuntenehmen

For consulting companies

Our team has years of experience in supply, as well as in systemic support, as "external purchasing" of consulting companies. Therefore, we understand the processes and needs of a large consultancy very well. You have projects that you want to deliver successfully with your own high quality requirements, build sustainable business and profit from follow-up projects. Here, the composition of your project team and external consultants plays an important role. With Isaria, you have a trustworthy partner at your side who responds quickly to your needs and is there for you immediately when things get tough.

We support you from the very beginning!

To be able to win projects, it can make sense to bring in an external specialist at this early stage. The problem, here there is primarily work for your suppliers and seemingly little to gain. Therefore, the support in this category will be rather low. We see it differently, as we too would like to work with you, as you do with your customers, in a sustainable, long-term and cooperative manner.


This also includes the evaluation of previous cooperation and the optimization of processes. This also includes our expertise in the area of managed service providers. The bundling of your purchasing processes and the associated alignment of all suppliers can help you to obtain a better benchmark, promote faster processes, ensure a high delivery capability and, above all, save time.

Instead of discussing your requirements with a multitude of individual suppliers, you only need to discuss them with one competent partner who understands your needs and adheres to the highest standards. In addition, we act as a quality gate and ensure that you no longer waste additional time studying unsuitable candidate profiles.

Do you still have questions? Then please feel free to contact our expert.

Beratungsunternehmen Agentur, MSP, Vendor Management,

Fabian Mäntele

 +49 162 3724362

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